Sarah's Secrets


Help Sarah write her personal blog


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Sarah's Secrets is a casual game where you play the role of Sarah, a young teenager who's decided to start writing a personal blog where she writes everything that goes on in her day-to-day. You, meanwhile, have to make some important decisions.

As Sarah writes entries and you make choices, the blog will become more and more popular. The number of followers will directly depend on the decisions you make. These can involve, for instance, choosing a puppy's name or choosing between two answers to resolve a situation.

The game develops in a very simple way: you select 'write a new entry' and read everything that Sarah then writes. You'll have to do plenty of reading during the game, especially if you want to find out everything that happens to your protagonist.

Sarah's Secrets is a very original game with an atypical plot and a simple gameplay. In any case, the game's storyline is lovely and the graphics are quite cute.

Requires Android 3.0 or higher